What We Do

GTC VORRO Environmental Services, LLC. provides safe and cost-effective turn-key solutions to remove moderate to severe levels of H2S from gas streams.


  • No Capital – we design, fabricate and lease SweetTreat™ systems 

  • Low Cost – we typically achieve overall operational savings of 20-50% versus competitive technologies

  • Full Service – we provide installation, maintenance, adsorbent change-outs and disposal, inventory management, and transportation 

  • Minimize Down Time – our unique design allows hassle-free change outs without operator involvement and flaring

  • Environmentally Friendly– we utilize patented non-hazardous, non-pyrophoric Brimsorb™-F adsorbent that can be readily disposed in a non-hazardous landfill

GTC VORRO's Capabilities, Experience and Expertise

  • Research, develop, manufacture and market proprietary sulfur removal solutions, including: patented high capacity H2S adsorbents and specialty catalysts

  • Readily available to support global market with SweetTreat™ systems that can be rapidly deployed

  • Proven technologies servicing diverse industries such as: exploration and production, pipeline, refinery, petrochemical, and landfill

  • Engineering expertise in process design and troubleshooting

GTC VORRO Environmental Services, LLC

900 Threadneedle St. Suite 700

Houston, TX  77079

+1 346-374-7191