Brimsorb™ Adsorbent

Brimsorb adsorbent

Brimsorb adsorbent

Spent Brimsorb adsorbent

Spent Brimsorb adsorbent

Brimsorb™ is a solid hydrogen sulfide (H2S) adsorbent with an ultra-high sulfur pickup capacity, which can be used in both gas and liquid stream applications. It is a patented and proprietary adsorbent designed for hydrogen sulfide removal. The spherical shape help avoid channeling and reduces pressure drop. Brimsorb™ can be used in a wide range of conditions. The high capacity for sulfur enables a substantially reduced footprint and lower operating expenses when compared with conventional scavengers or amine/thermal oxidizer options.

Sulfur Removal Reaction

Brimsorb™ is a metal oxide adsorbent that reacts with hydrogen sulfide to produce water and a non-hazardous solid waste stream that can be disposed of as land fill.


Brimsorb™ Advantages

  • Highest hydrogen sulfide capacity adsorbent

  • Low pressure drop due to adsorbent shape

  • Free flowing, allows easy loading/unloading

  • Predictable bed life


Brimsorb™ is applicable for sour gas streams of any kind. Typical application include:

  • Wellhead

  • Gas Gathering

  • Pipeline

  • Amine Acid Gas

  • Fuel gas

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