Brimsorb-F™ Adsorbent

Fresh Brimsorb™-F adsorbent

Spent Brimsorb™-F adsorbent

Spent Brimsorb™-F adsorbent

Brimsorb™-F is a solid hydrogen sulfide (H2S) adsorbent with an ultra-high sulfur pickup capacity, which can be used in both gas and liquid stream applications. It is patented for hydrogen sulfide removal (US Patent 7,717,979). Combined with its engineered shape that avoids channeling and reduces pressure drop, Brimsorb™ can be used in a wide range of conditions. The high capacity for sulfur enables a substantially reduced footprint and lower operating expenses when compared with conventional scavengers or amine/thermal oxidizer options.

Sulfur Removal Reaction

Brimsorb™-F is a metal oxide adsorbent that reacts with hydrogen sulfide according to the following equation:


Brimsorb™-F Advantages

  • Highest hydrogen sulfide capacity adsorbent

  • Low pressure drop due to adsorbent shape

  • Free flowing, allows easy loading/unloading

  • Predictable bed life


Brimsorb™-F is applicable for sour gas streams of any kind. Typical application include:

  • Wellhead

  • Gas Gathering

  • Pipeline

  • Amine Acid Gas

Ease of Use

Due to its spherical shape and engineered design, Brimsorb™-F is easy to load/unload, has a lower pressure drop when compared to conventional solid scavengers, and has lower overall costs compared to liquid scavengers.

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