Brimsorb™-C Adsorbent

Fresh Brimsorb™-C adsorbent

Brimsorb™-C is a copper-zinc based solid hydrogen sulfide (H2S) adsorbent specifically designed for polishing H2S down to <0.1 ppmv in liquid or gas streams. Its high active content ensures consistently low outlet H2S content, with longer bed life compared to other polishing solid adsorbents. Its cylindrical shape and high hardness ensures that there is no pulverization during H2S removal. Spent adsorbent is free flowing, and thereby easily changed out.

Brimsorb™-C can be used in combination of Brimsorb™-F to lower operating costs and extend bed life under a lower H2S outlet specifications.

Brimsorb™-C Advantages

  • Polishing adsorbent capable of removing H2S down to <0.1ppmv

  • Higher active content

  • No pulverization and easy to change out

  • Can be used in combination of Brimsorb™-F

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