SweetTreat™ Slurry System

Patented SweetTreat™ Slurry System utilitizes granular Brimsorb-F suspended in water solution to convert H2S to elemental sulfur.  The process, targeting medium to high sulfur volume applications, is regenerable thereby greatly enhancing the adsorbent's efficiency and cost effectiveness.   

Compared to competing technology, the process is simple to operate, has a small footprint, low to even no capital, and low operating costs. Not only does the regenerable nature of the adsorbent reduce operating costs, but the non-hazardous elemental sulfur and iron oxide byproduct can easily be disposed of thereby minimizing any environmental impact.


A Solution Closing the Gap

Slurry Process Reaction Vessels

Operators have long been waiting for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that can treat medium to high sulfur volume (2-40 tons of sulfur per day). These applications are usually too expensive to treat with non-regenerable adsorbents, and require too much upfront capital to treat with Surfur Recovery Units (SRUs).

GTC VORRO is proud to introduce SweetTreat™ Slurry System, and bring a viable solution to our customers.

A Process that Works

Slurry Process Diagram

Simple process design and high turn up/turn down ablilty allows the SweetTreat™ Slurry System to adapt to rapid H2S and flow fluctuations. Bringing peace of mind to operators.


Slurry Process Field Application

Strength and Advantages

  1. Adsorbent Capacity: the adsorbent is a proprietary amorphous hydroxyl iron oxide, which is regenerable thereby having high sulfur removal capacity.

  2. Environmentally friendly: the slurry can be regenerated which reduces the wastewater discharge, and eliminates the secondary pollution caused by by-products in competitive processes.

  3. Wide range of process applications: this process is also suitable for removing H2S from biogas, coke oven gas, associated gas, natural gas, gaseous and liquid streams from petrochemical industry.

  4. Flexible turn down: this process can be operated efficiently between 70%-150% of the design flowrate.


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