SweetTreat™ Solid Adsorbent System

The SweetTreat™ Solid Adsorbent System is an all-inclusive sulfur removal service available worldwide. This first-of-its-kind service features vessels in a lead/lag configuration, filled with proprietary high capacity Brimsorb™ adsorbent.

The System provides a one-stop solution for H2S removal. Through this service, GTC VORRO leases standard systems and performs spent adsorbent change outs. Clients are charged an all-inclusive price based on pounds of H2S removed.


Standard System

The SweetTreat™ Standard System consists of vessels and a lead-lag piping skid. The entire system is NACE compliant for H2S service, and vessels are ASME Section VIII Division 1.

The system design focuses on operability and automation; it is a perfect solution for well head gathering stations or gas processing facilities.


Dual Train System on a gathering station


small scale System

The SweetTreat™ Small Scale System consists of two vessels, and a lead-lag piping skid with options to add an automatic drain system, online H2S analyzer, and a coalescer. The entire system is designed for mobility, thus, is perfect for sour gas fuel gas, temporary, and intermittent applications. 

Small scale system treating fuel gas



Process Overview

Sour gas is sent through a bed of Brimsorb™. The H2S within the sour gas then reacts with the adsorbent, leaving a sweet gas stream that exits the bed. A typical system includes two beds of Brimsorb™, arranged in a lead-lag configuration, that allows for reliable performance and no down time during change-out. Water is produced as a byproduct that must be drained on a routine basis.  


Operating Ranges

  • Broad range of H2S concentrations - ppm to percent level

  • Broad range of pressures and gas flows

  • Variety of feed gas compositions, including CO2

  • Consistent performance – product gas H2S concentrations to 1 ppm


Service Advantages

  • Zero capital investment required

  • Non-hazardous disposal/ environmentally friendly

  • Simple process design: easy installation and inexpensive to operate

  • Transparent pricing tied to amount of H2S removed

  • Operations, change-outs, and disposals by GTC VORRO

  • Small footprint

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