SweetTreat™ Solid Adsorbent System

The SweetTreat™ Solid Adsorbent System is an all-inclusive sulfur removal service available worldwide. This first-of-its-kind service features two vessels in a lead/lag configuration, filled with proprietary high capacity Brimsorb™ adsorbent.

The System provides a one-stop solution for H2S removal. Through this service, GTC VORRO leases standard systems and performs spent adsorbent change outs. Clients are charged an all-inclusive price based on pounds of H2S removed.


Standard System

The SweetTreat™ Standard System consists of two vessels (standard 84 in. OD by 26 ft. S/S each), and a lead-lag piping skid with options to add an automatic drain system, online H2S analyzer, and a coalescer. The entire system is NACE compliant for H2S service, and vessels are ASME Section VIII Division 1.

The system design focuses on operability and automation; it is a perfect solution for well head gathering stations or gas processing facilities.


Dual Train System on a gathering station


Mobile System

The SweetTreat™ Mobile System consists of two vessels (48 in ID by 8 ft S/S), and a lead-lag piping skid with options to add an automatic drain system, online H2S analyzer, and a coalescer. The entire system is designed for mobility, thus, is perfect for sour gas fuel gas, temporary, and intermittent applications. 

Mobile System treating fuel gas


Custom design SweetTreat™ for individual need

Customized SweetTreat™ System

GTC VORRO can design, fabricate, and lease a customized SweetTreat™ System tailored to a customer’s individual need. 

We work with customers to rework and retrofit existing vessels for H2S removal, and thus save operational cost and to help customers utilize existing capital

Standard SweetTreat System™ Configuration


Process Overview

Sour gas is sent through a bed of Brimsorb™. The H2S within the sour gas then reacts with the adsorbent, leaving a sweet gas stream that exits the bed. The Standard System includes two beds of Brimsorb™, arranged in a lead-lag configuration, that allows for reliable performance and no down time during change-out. Typically, water is produced as a byproduct that must be drained on a routine basis.  


Minimizing Client's Responsibilities

Responsibilities Picture

Operating Ranges

  • Broad range of H2S concentrations - ppm to percent level

  • Broad range of pressures and gas flows

  • Variety of feed gas compositions, including CO2

  • Consistent performance – product gas H2S concentrations to 1 ppm


Service Advantages

  • Zero capital investment required

  • Non-hazardous disposal/ environmentally friendly

  • Simple process design: easy installation and inexpensive to operate

  • Transparent pricing tied to amount of H2S removed

  • Operations, change-outs, and disposals by GTC VORRO

  • Typical overall cost savings of 20 - 50%

  • Small footprint

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